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Individually Tailored Training Material Made in Germany



Christiani is divided into five business divisions, all of which handle vocational qualification. Our business fields support each other and their chief objective is to always provide the best of services to our customers.

Publishing house division

In the Publishing House, all kinds of media for technical training in many vocational training areas are developed and maintained. Furthermore, the media market is surveyed and we additionally include selected media in the programme of our publishing house.

Examination service division

In the Examination Service, we deliver the material required for the intermediate and final examinations in many occupations of the electronic and metal fields. Also, training projects with corresponding didactical documentation are developed.

Automation technology division

Here, we develop a variety of modular systems for advanced vocational training in automation technologies starting from simple functional units to complex CIM plants. All the hardware is provided strictly with respective action-based training documentation.

Media service division

The media service is a specially secured area in our company. Examination exercises for various associations of industry and trade are generated here and stored by employing strict security measures.

Christiani academy

In our Christiani Academy, we offer a wide range of advanced training programs in technology: starting from trainings, workshops on compact courses up to the distance learning courses approved by ZFU (the Central Authority for Distance Learning). Students can access our online platform, which provides specific technical subjects.